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Food, Booze, Best-friends and fictional boyfriends. The ultimate bookclub checklist

So you absolutely love books and want to start a book club.

You love to smell them, you love to touch them and you most definitely love to talk about them, but you don’t like to talk about them with just any random stranger. They wouldn’t understand the relationship between you and your book boyfriends or why you turn into a Zombie at night struggling with bloodshot eyes hungry to read one more sentence while whispering to yourself, “Just another page.”

No, no muggle would understand, but bookworms, bookworms would understand completely.


1- Choose the right people


The perfect bookworm for your bookclub:

  • Shares the same interests in Genre as you
  • Not ashamed of their deep involvement with fictional characters
  • Reads all the time
  • Visits the bookstore at least 3 times a month (or day if you’re truly obsessed)
  • Doesn’t get tired of talking about what they read
  • Most importantly, they enjoy every minute of it just as you do.


2- Where to look for the right novels?


Here’s a list of where to go searching for the perfect book match:

  • Goodreads Top 100
  • Barnes and Nobles top picks
  • NYT Bestsellers list
  • Local authors
  • Local bookstores best picks
  • or when in doubt choose a classic, the Tell-Tale Heart anyone?



3- Have in depth discussions


This part should come easy. Discuss how each person felt about the novel and then just simply dive in.

  • From the first page to the last, what caught your eye or made you want to throw the book at the wall.
  • Talk about character motivations and development (was the character the same at the end of the book as they were in the beginning?)
  • Come up with clever games like bookclub character charades or bookclub bingo (Yes these are a thing just google)

In no time your book club will be chattering away as hours of book gossip pass you by.


4- Do Party themes


The best part of book clubs are the themes, below are some examples that you can bring into the comfort of your home:

  • Spa day
  • Wine tasting
  • Junk food
  • Guilty pleasures
  • Nails and pedicures

The list can go on!


5- Get the perfect drinks and appetizers


Now for the cherry on top. FOOD and BOOZE.

Food and booze know no boundaries. And theming the food along with the bookclub is so fun!

For example, if your theme is Wine bring the experience of a vineyard to you and have an array of 5-7 wines to taste with appetizers such as cheese, bread and olives. Also if you’re really feeling up for the challenge why not theme it to a book world and create otherworldly concoctions like homemade spiked Buttered Beer and Chocolate frogs (cough Harry Potter).


Now that you’ve read our nifty list for the ultimate checklist for an epic book club. Go on and try it. You will not be disappointed with, good food and booze, good friends or good books.


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