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Top 10 Must See Libraries and Bookshops Around the World

1.) George Peabody Library at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland 

Fun fact: it’s become a popular event and wedding venue. Hint, hint for the book lovers wanting to plan a wedding and share their first kiss alongside some 18th and 19th century books. I think yes!


2.) Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France

Fun fact: “Hotel tumbleweed” is its nickname because they have played host to THOUSANDS of visitors and mainly authors/writers camping out for days, months, and even the longest stay was said to be 7 years. For payment all they ask is you write your life story on one page and attach a photograph of yourself. Today, this policy still stands. 


3.) University of Coimbra General library in Coimbra, Portugal

Fun fact: No this isn’t Dracula’s castle or the queens palace, this is in fact a library my friends. A library made up of three two story rooms housing 70,000 books. The best part is a camp of bats that live inside the libraries walls and emerge every night to eat the insects that gnaw on the volumes of books. Well maybe Dracula does reside there? Hmmm. 


4.) Admont Abbey Library in Admont, Austria

Fun fact: Built in 1776 and is painted in frescos representing different phases of human knowledge. The library is scattered in sculptures done by Joseph stammels “Four Last Things” which represent death, heaven, hell and the last judgement.


5.) The Old Library at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland 


Fun fact: The library holds a collection of 200,000 aged books, one including the Book of Kells, a gospel volume that dates back to the early 9th century.


6.) The Vatican Library in Vatican City

Fun fact: In the archives you can find accounts of the trial of the Knights Templar held at Chinon in August 1308; a threatening note from 1246 in which Ghengis Khan’s grandson demands that Pope Innocent IV travel to Asia to ‘pay service and homage; a letter from Lucretia Borgia to Pope Alexander VI; Papal Bulls excommunicating Martin Luther; correspondence between the Court of Henry VIII and Clement VII; and an exchange of letters between Michelangelo and Paul III.
There are also letters from Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, St Bernadette, Voltaire and Abraham Lincoln.
And here too – depending on how much faith you have in the novels of Dan Brown – lies proof that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and continued their own earthly line. (2010, the Telegraph, John Preston)


7.) The Royal Portuguese reading room in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 


Fun fact: One of its focal points is the Altar Da Pátria a stunning masterpiece made from marble ivory and silver commemorating the Portuguese discoveries that took place in 1400’s and 1500’s.


8.) The Cook and Book in Brussels, Belgium

Fun fact:  This lovely place functions as a restaurant and bookstore all in one. What a romantic idea for your next date!


9.) The Livraria Lello Bookstore In Porto, Portugal

Fun fact: Jk Rowling sat in this very bookstore and gathered up ideas for Harry Potter.


10.) El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Fun fact: This bookstore used to be a theater, then a cinema and now a gorgeous bookstore!


Now go travelers, get up and discover the literature hidden in these wonderful watering holes for book lovers! Also if you have visited one of these places mentioned above, feel free to comment and tell us your experience.

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