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RIP Barnes and Noble

It’s about that time readers! We need to take a moment to remember our dear bookstore seller, Barnes and Noble.

okay, okay, okay, maybe I’m being a wee bit dramatic, but that’s the buzz going around the internet.
Being an ex Barnes and Noble employee of many years back, I decided to go and say hi to some of my friends that are still working there. Sadly, after a bit of sleuthing, to my not-so-surprise. I’m afraid the new trending phrase “RIP Barnes and Noble” is not too far off in the future.
“BUT WHY?” You ask? Well, there are a few reasons and let me get into them.

The book world is slowly coming to an end. More and more people are turning to e-books, apps, film and online entertainment, more than going to a bookstore. Which triples mostly as a toy store, study hall, babysitting-park, a HUGE headache. Barnes and Noble has basically lost its charm entirely and has respawned into something too corporate. Don’t get me wrong, I still to this day shop at Barnes and Noble, but every now and then I find myself searching Yelp or google maps for new bookstores to discover. Why do you ask? One thing that smaller booksellers have that Barnes and Noble don’t? That good old bookstore charm. I mean Just watch a movie that was far beyond its time. “You’ve Got Mail”, a romance between Meg Ryan, a small town bookseller, and Tom Hanks, the BIG BAD CORPORATE figure coming in to tear her little bookstore apart. It was a modern-day Pride and Prejudice, book battle style.

Now that I’ve gone entirely off tangent with my little movie ad. Let us get back too it. Not only is the decline of Barnes and Noble affecting how we consume media. Its also affecting our writers. With so many books to movies, its harder to be the new up and coming writer to hit the market with a bang. Agents and publishers are looking for writing that can easily be turned into a film. And being a screenwriter myself I can tell you that writing a novel and script are, believe it or not, two totally different things. What works in a film doesn’t quite work in novels and vise-versa.

I mean why do you think the only franchise to do an exceptional job from book to movie is Harry Potter? (Definitely won’t use Twilight in this example, sorry Twi-hards).

So where do Barnes and Noble play a part in all of this? They simply aren’t being innovative enough or they’re not fixing the problem. Any business head knows that in order to build a successful business you must fix a problem. Instead of fixing they are conforming to the problem. Well, How do we even come to fix the problem? Maybe start making bookstores more about the actual books. Bring back the charm take away the toys? If they start bringing back what bookstores were about in the first place instead of making it feel like another target down the street. The industry and the people will start to see a rise in book sales and customers, or if they don’t want to take a step back and bring back the old charm that’s entirely okay too. Make a new charm that goes in the direction of how we, as a people, are starting to take in new forms of media with still keeping the message loud and clear. WE NEED BOOKS. I mean how about a Netflix for books? Any takers?

I mean I literally just wrote this whole article with a bunch of Gifs just to keep your attention because I know people are starting to take in media more visually now. You see how that works? See how I just fixed a problem? Barnes and Noble take note and survive! On to the battle or just be this guy (Shrugs).

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