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Dana Bomar and How Books Inspired Her


“You cannot get discouraged by rejection or the word No. Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from pursuing a goal you are truly passionate about. It’s going to take years of practice to become a master at any field! Persistence is the key!”

Dana Bomar is an artists canvas, from her platinum colored locks that sometimes embrace the shade of tiffany blue, to her full lips that she uses as a palette for some of her best cosmetic creations. But what most don’t realize is that behind her elegant poise and Marilyn Monroe looks, Dana is one hell of a business woman who has recently taken a keen interest in literature to help her better understand business and her brand to the fullest.

Dana grew up in Santa Clarita, CA but spent part of her adolescence in Las Vegas, Nevada with her parents and two older sisters who dressed her up like a life sized doll. From playing with her hair, to painting the curves of her face, little did her sisters know Dana’s passion for makeup was lingering not too far behind. As the years passed and after spending some time at the University of Nevada studying acting, Dana and her family moved back out to LA where she met her business partner Lora Arellano.

“Lora and I met working at Nordstrom. We worked for two different makeup brands, but our counters faced each other. It was friendship love at first sight! So we just stared at each other all day. One day at lunch we talked about the future. We wanted to do more than just work at the makeup counters. Lora mentioned she always wanted to create a makeup line and I had always wanted to create a line of lipsticks. I remember saying I’m serious, if you’re serious. Let’s do this! I immediately started googling labs and setting up meetings and forming a realistic idea of how many lipsticks we could make with the amount of money we had to invest. About a year later, while still working our counter jobs, the first 5 lipsticks from Melt were launched!”

Melt cosmetics, besides being a commodity for makeup collections everywhere, has now over 2 million fans and followers between all three major social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). And that’s not counting the over 1 million followers/fans Dana and Lora have combined. With a little bit of elbow grease and determination, they created a makeup empire and have no signs of stopping or letting anyone get in their way.

“We wanted to make a true matte, fully opaque lipstick in bold colors. That combination did not exist when we started custom formulating them over 4 years ago. We were two young women with a clear vision, but absolutely no business experience. We had a lot of people doubting us and telling us no at the beginning. After a lot of phone calls and meetings, we eventually found a lab that was willing to take a chance on us and our project.”

But Dana has even bigger plans, knowledge. She no longer works as a freelance makeup artist and wants to focus more on the business side of the makeup industry. Though as a child she loved the Harry Potter series and as a teen kept Linda Goodman’s “Love sign’s and sun signs” as a bible, she just recently started to read more non-fiction.

“I just recently started to read more about business so that I can better understand why we have been so successful. I want to learn from our experiences and other successful entrepreneurs beyond cosmetics, so that I can make multiple businesses successful in the future!”

Here are Dana’s Top 5 picks:

1.) Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance


“Elon inspires me because Elon never settles for anything less than perfect and he is constantly trying to change the world with innovation with tesla, space x, and solar city!”

You can get this book HERE.

2.) The Virgin Way by Richard Branson


“Richard cares so deeply about the customer experience. You can feel his love for everything in every one of his companies.”

You can get this book HERE.

3.) Outliers


You can get the book HERE.

4.) Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.


“His books always make me think of people and success on a deeper level.”

You can get this book HERE.

5.) #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso


“It’s an easy and fun read about how Sophia created NastyGal. I can relate to a lot of the beginnings of her story.”

You can get this book HERE.

Dana’s advice to young women out there doubtful about reaching their dream goal is,

“You cannot get discouraged by rejection or the word No. Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from pursuing a goal you are truly passionate about. It’s going to take years of practice to become a master at any field! Persistence is the key…My motto is ‘do things that scare you!’ I think it is important to take risks! I lean into the things most people are afraid of instead of running away.”

You can follow Dana at @danabomar on Instagram and take a look at her Instagram story for more info on melt, answers to fan questions and also maybe you’ll get to see what recent reads she’s getting into!