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Business spotlight: The Hundredth Acre



“…why not start a brand that is an extension of the other side of my personality? Not the skate-side but the writer-side. The side of me that loves libraries, books, typewriters, sitting by a fire with a book and a cup of tea. A brand for writers [that’s] based on the ephemera of books and writing.”

From his cool demeanor to sarcastic banter and authentic writing he had the perfect ingredients to conjure up a company just for writer’s, The Hundredth Acre: Things for thinkers. You might have read Robert Brinks cunning articles in Playboy, ESPN or have even seen him on the show the Weekend Buzz featured on the RIDE Channel. A New Jersey native Robert grew up with a passion for writing and skateboarding. He found a happy medium after realizing that he could combine both passions. A skate journalist. Powered by sheer talent, muses and determination he took on the writing world and built up an impressive portfolio.

It was just recently Robert took the leap and manifested an idea for the Hundredth Acre he had 3 years ago. Used Bookstore, Sippin’ Whiskey, and Coffee Shop are just some of the names of the fragrant candles scattered throughout his shop. But they aren’t the only items, you can also find pens, a must have “Writer” Tee and a “Library” sticker pack. With those products come exceptional packaging, with a rustic flare for the old school writer.


What is the message behind The Hundredth Acre?

I think it’s really just about memories and feelings. I want the products to immediately transport someone to a place that is special to them or a place they wish they could be. Whether it’s a café in Paris, a campfire in the woods, lying in the grass as a kid or into their favorite used bookstore. To me personally it’s a lot about the past that is lost, parts of my childhood [even], and I think [the hundredth acre] is a way to keep those feelings alive.

What made you decide what type of products to create?

The products in my line and ones that are to come in the future (journals, for example) are all inspired by my life as a writer. Pens, candles, the “Writer.” tee, etc. These are all things that accompany me as a writer or communicate my life as a writer.

How important do you think reading/writing is to this generation?

Honestly, people will survive just fine whether they read or not. It’s like math. I was told as a child that math was the most important thing to know, but now we have phones and computers to do it all for us. That [being] said,  I hope there will always be people striving to do good writing. And keeping the standard high, rather than just “blogging” and self-publishing any old thing.

As for reading … I feel kind of the same. If people don’t read, they will be fine, but I feel sorry for them because they are missing out. I would say the same about experiencing a Beethoven symphony or Terence Malick’s films. They aren’t for everyone and maybe they aren’t considered “cool” for younger generations in 2016, but then that’s their loss. I’m going to keep enjoying books, writing, and interacting with others who do! And I hope this brand will inspire people to read and write.


What are your top 5 favorite reads and why you love them?

Hemingway “On Writing” – I love reading when amazing writers talk about writing. And that’s what this book is. Quotes about writing by Hemingway and some from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Chuck Palahniuk “Invisible Monsters” – Chuck is my favorite author and of all his books, this book, blew me away the most.

Howard Stern “Private Parts” – I am a HUGE Howard Stern fan. I feel he’s the best interviewer ever. He’s a huge inspiration to me as an interviewer. And this is the first book that made me laugh out loud over and over again.

Peanuts comics books – Charles Schultz is an amazing writer. He had an incredible ability to write something that could appeal to me at 9 years old but also someone in their 90s at the same time. I always loved Peanuts comics from when I was very young. Still do. So the books that are collections are always great. I especially love the vintage Peanuts when they’re younger kids.

Cintra Wilson “A Massive Swelling” – Before I was a published writer in skateboarding, I always envisioned a certain way I wanted to write about skating but never really could put it into action or words. The minute I read this book, even though it was pop culture criticism, I realized it was EVERYTHING that I had been thinking I wanted to do as a skate writer. It gave me a context for what seemed kind of intangible in my brain for so many years.

It helped me realize it was possible. And although I don’t write like that anymore, because I feel I have evolved and grown out of it, this book is still incredible and was very important to my history as a writer. Cintra has also become a friend of mine, which is very special to me.

Bonus favorite –  I’m very inspired by song lyrics as literature, so stuff from The Cure, The Deftones (or any band that Chino Moreno writes lyrics for), Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan), Lana Del Rey (very recently).

What are some words of inspiration/wisdom for those who can’t find the motivation to make their passion into a business?

Anything is possible if you try and want it hard enough. JUST TRY! And fuck being afraid to suck or fail. Don’t be a wuss!


You can follow The Hundredth Acre on Instagram HERE and also take a look at some of Roberts Writing on his website HERE.

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